• Cobblestone Toffee (Single)
  • Enrobed Toffee (Single)
  • Signature (Single)
  • MochaToffee (Single)
  • Cobblestone Toffee (Single)
  • Enrobed Toffee (Single)
  • Mocha Toffee (Single)
  • Signature Toffeee (Single)
  • House Blend Coffee (2oz)
  • Organic Tea (.75oz)
  • Chocolate Chovered Blueberries (3 oz)
  • Deluxe Mixed Nuts (4 oz)
  • Kate’s Real Food Bar  Oatmeal/Cranberry/Almond Bar

*Items may be substituted pending availability.

We take nuts ( other than family members ) seriously. We do not claim to be “allergy” free but we do keep the pecans ( a tree nut ) entirely separate from the Toffee process. For nut free: choose Birthday Suit, Enrobed, Cherry Birthday & Coffee Toffee If you wanna go nuts: choose Signature or Cherry Chocolate! *Artisan treats not prepared by TheToffeeStore.com may include nuts.

Bountiful Gift Box

This is a Bountiful Assortment of  Toffees and the best Artisan edibles and it’s all beautifully arranged in a  8″ x 8″ x 3.15″ gift box.

Cobblestone, Signature, Enrobed, and Mocha are paired with House Blend Coffee, Organic Tea, Chocolate covered Blueberries, and Kate’s Oatmeal/Cranberry/Almond Bar.


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