• Butter ( cream & salt )
  • Sugar ( cane )
  • Dark Chocolate ( sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk, cocoa liquor, soy lecithin, vanilla )
  • Pure Vanilla extract, Tart Cherries

Want the perfect sundae? Crush this, add ice cream, &  enjoy it on Monday through Saturday as well!

No Nuts except for family….just Tart Cherries + Dark Chocolate + Butter/Sugar/Vanilla = Heaven!!!!!

Total Fat20g (26% DV)
Sat. Fat14g (70% DV)
Trans Fat0.5g
Cholest40mg (13% DV)
Sodium135 mg (6% DV)
Total Carb.26g (9% DV)
Total Sugars26g
Added Sugars25g (50% DV)
Vit. D0% DV
Calcium0% DV
Iron2% DV
Potas0% DV

Dark Cherry Toffee

GLUTEN-FREE! This product needs to be kept cool with 50% or less humidity (if your red wine is happy, so is your Cherry Chocolate Toffee).  We suggest enjoying within 5 weeks.

Toffee + Chocolate + Cherries  = WOW! This will be your newest guilty pleasure; decadent, sweet, tart, and salty together. Our “single” pieces of toffee are thin 2 1/2″ squares.  We will take orders year-round by request.

*first select ‘box’ if ordering bits

For toffee selections including Cherry Chocolate, substitutes will be made.



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