• Butter ( cream & salt )
  • Sugar ( cane )
  • Roasted Pecans (pecans, sunflower oil)
  • Pure Vanilla Extract

Host a tasting party, and pair this toffee with a Petite Syrah for the ultimate melt in your mouth combination.

We take nuts ( other than family members ) seriously. We do not claim to be “allergy” free but we do keep the pecans ( a tree nut ) separate from the Toffee process.

Serving Size1 piece (39g)
Total Fat17g (22% DV)
Sat. Fat9g (45% DV)
Trans Fat0.5g
Cholest.35mg (12% DV)
Sodium110mg (5% DV)
Total Carb19g (7% DV)
Fiber0g (0% DV)
Total Sugars19g
Added Sugars18g (36% DV)
Vit. D0% DV
Calcium0% DV
Iron0% DV
Potas.0% DV

Cobblestone Toffee

GLUTEN-FREE! Our newest confection, Cobblestone, uniquely adds roasted pecans to our Birthday Suit Toffee for an abundance of flavor in each bite.

*first select ‘box’ if ordering bits


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