• Sugar (Cane)
  • Butter (MILK, Salt)
  • Candy Cane (Cane Sugar, None GMO Tapioca Syrup, Contains less than 2% natural color – Vegetable Juice, Natural Flavor – Peppermint Oil)
  • Merckens Dark Chocolate Compound Wafers (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk, Cocoa Liquor, Soy Lecithim, Vanilla)
  • Vanilla extract (Water, Alcohol – 35%, Vanilla Bean Extractives)

Crush it and put on top of your favorite ice-cream!

We take nuts ( other than family members ) seriously. We do not claim to be “allergy” free but we do keep the pecans ( a tree nut ) separate from the Toffee process.

Serving Size1 piece 35g
Total fat17g (22% DV)
Sat. Fat11g (55% DV)
Trans. Fat0.5g
Cholest.35mg (12% DV)
Sodium120mg (5% DV)
Total Carb.26g (9% DV)
Fiber0g (0% DV)
Total Sugars25g (incl. 24g Added Sugars, 48% DV)
Vit. D0% DV
Calcium0% DV
Iron2% DV

Peppermint Toffee

GLUTEN-FREE! This is the perfect after-dinner mint. What could be better than Peppermint, Dark Chocolate and Toffee? Perhaps it is crushing it on top of ice cream…

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