Toffee Treasure

You asked for it. We did it. Toffee Treasure has everything:

  • Birthday Suit Toffee (x2)
  • Enrobed Toffee (x2)
  • Cherry Birthday Toffee (x2)
  • Coffee Toffee (x2)
  • Signature Toffee (x3)
  • Cherry Chocolate Toffee (x3)

Every variety is in this box to give them the ultimate gift of toffee. It’s the perfect solution for those who love chocolate, pecans, coffee and cherries! Two or more of each flavor means they can come back for their favorite!

Your Toffee can be sent to multiple addresses by adding each address on the checkout page.


This is a:

Toffee is for sharing... or not. We won't judge!

Make it extra special with a note from you! Just fill out the custom message box during checkout.

Customize with your company logo, and make them feel all the warm fuzzies while you stay top of mind! Look for the logo upload & ship to multiple address options at checkout!

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We use 3 main ingredients in all of our toffee: Butter, Sugar & Pure Vanilla. Then depending on the variety, your toffee may also include: Kona Coffee, Milk & Dark Chocolate, Cherries or Pecans.
Here's a great idea!
This is the ultimate gift! Your recipient will be overjoyed with your generosity. Quite honestly, the presentation is fantastic (in our humble opinion.)
Nut allergy disclaimer:

We take nuts ( other than family members ) seriously. We do not claim to be “allergy” free but we do keep the pecans ( a tree nut ) separate from the Toffee process.

For nut free: choose Birthday Suit, Enrobed, Cherry Birthday & Coffee Toffee If you wanna go nuts: choose Signature or Cherry Chocolate!