Toffee stack and ingredients wrapped in The Toffee Store branded gift ribbon
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    What our customers are saying


  • Absolutely delicious…

    Absolutely delicious. The best toffee I’ve ever eaten.

    Contemplating ordering a second batch immediately because it’s taking everything in my power to keep from eating it all in one sitting

    Terrel Lastrapes
  • I always get my wife flowers

    I always get my wife flowers or a fancy fruit basket and I decided to change it up. I ordered the Cherry Birthday Toffee and she absolutely loved it. I got the fancy box and the big order and was still half the price of sending flowers. The kids and I got to eat the rest of the toffee and it was amazing.

    David B
  • We received a box of your toffee…

    We received a box of your toffee at work today and I am so glad they shared with me. I got to enjoy samples of both the Birthday Suit as well as the Signature Toffee. Oh my! I could easily become addicted. I have a weakness for toffee. Love the simple ingredient list! Just delicious!

    Kelly Goralski
  • The BEST toffee ever!

    The BEST toffee ever! This is a truly quality product and well packaged. I ordered toffee in the little bags with bows as favors for my wedding. They showed up on time and in good condition. It was hard to give them away because I wanted to keep them for myself. I did re-order some bigger bags after the wedding. Thank you so much for the yummy toffee!!!

    Katie McEwen
  • We are absolutely in LOVE with this amazing toffee!

    We are absolutely in LOVE with this amazing toffee!!! We so look forward to indulging, especially during the Holidays! They make amazing gifts and we always take a box with us during holiday parties – it’s always a huge hit! Thank you Heidi!!!

    Paula Rosenbusch
  • Off the charts good!

    I had your toffees at Minesh’s recent seminar and they were off the charts good!!!

    Charlene Travnikar
  • Hands down the best toffee…

    Hands down the best toffee I’ve ever had and the best in customer service around.

    Cynthia Gould
  • 5 stars sweeter

    5 stars. My sister in law LOVED the gift when we went to stay with her!!! Made our visit even sweeter❤️

    Debbie Fordree
  • This toffee is amazing!

    This toffee is amazing! I have tried the nutless toffee and dark chocolate bark and both are to die for. I received the toffee as a gift originally and instantly was addicted!! I love this as a gift idea 🙂 Also, the Toffee Store has exceptional customer service!!

    Erica Marshall
  • This toffee is amazing!

    This toffee is amazing! I have tried the nutless toffee and dark chocolate bark and both are to die for. I received the toffee as a gift originally and instantly was addicted!! I love this as a gift idea 🙂 Also, the Toffee Store has exceptional customer service!!

    Erica Marshall
  • This is absolutely the best toffee I have ever tasted!

    This is absolutely the best toffee I have ever tasted!

    Susan Purdy
  • Each year the toffee arrives in perfect condition

    Why are there not 10 stars on the rating scale? The Toffee Store would receive at least 11! We have been ordering from the Toffee Store for a few years now. We order between 20 – 30 pounds of toffee for Christmas to give friends, neighbors and as thank you gifts for those who help us throughout the year. Each year the toffee arrives in perfect condition and packed so well with bubble that when the postal carrier “drops” a box, nothing happens, the toffee remains intact. The toffee itself is beyond delicious. You can taste the purity of the ingredients Heidi uses in each batch. People are already asking me when they will get their toffee (€they are not being selfish or greedy, they genuinely look forward to such a special treat year after year). So I thank you Heidi for making many, many people very happy with your toffee.

    Krysta M
  • I have never found any toffee as good as this.

    I have never found any toffee as good as this. I use it in everything I bake & in my coffee gives it that toffee taste. I have purchased from other companies but it’s not close to the flavor this is. I get a standing order as it’s so wonderful & my whole family uses it even for a snack watching tv. I highly recommend everyone to try this toffee & such good selections of the toffee it comes wrapped really great so it’s not cracked & in pieces. is the only place to buy your toffee as no other companies can beat the flavor or cost. I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed I love it.

    Beverly Mallow
  • It’s seriously hard to stop eating once you start!

    We sell The Toffee Store products at Starkweather Arts Center, and it is phenomenal! Heidi uses the best ingredients and it is so fresh and melts in your mouth. It’s seriously hard to stop eating once you start! Everything is boxed or wrapped very nicely and makes a great gift. Highly recommended!

    Grace Venet
  • everything arrived in great condition and beautifully wrapped

    I want to tell you that everything arrived in great condition and beautifully wrapped! I got two more people turned on to your toffee, don’t know if they will place orders or not. I told them it is the best, beats having to suck chocolate off candy bars, if you are not into chocolate. If you are, you can do that with even better toffee!

    I really have a hard time sharing…I am addicted! I had been VERY good, and only eating a piece or two every week. When I got a new batch in, I went a little crazy and ate the whole darn bag of pieces within a week….ahhhh!

    I really appreciate your high quality product and your quick response to my order!!! Thank you!

    Lesta B
  • Your toffee went into the Christmas stockings of everyone in my family

    Your toffee went into the Christmas stockings of everyone in my family and was enjoyed by all. Thank you for the easy online ordering and special delivery to my office!

    Shirley Gofrank
  • The Toffee Store is the best

    Your toffee is the absolute best! All the packages were received on time and with the greatest satisfaction! I loved the personal service, special touches and local delivery. All was a wonderful success and on such short notice, too!

    The Toffee Store is the best and my go-to place for both business and personal gifts for the future!

    Thanks for the wonderful Toffee Store experience!

    Kathy Weeks
  • My husband and I can’t stop eating it!

    This toffee is the absolute best! I used it in a breakfast pancake recipe and I can’t tell you how many accolades I received. It’s not easy to find great quality toffee anywhere, but now I’ve found a treasure!

    My husband and I can’t stop eating it! Love it!

    Carole Solano
  • The toffee was fabulous.

    The toffee was fabulous. We knew we had more delivered than we needed, but mysteriously none was returned to us. IT WAS ALL EATEN!

    Thanks so much. It was wonderful!

    Paula Tank
  • Heidi’s Toffee is the best

    Heidi’s Toffee is the best – it has become an annual holiday tradition for about 5 years now, on the desert table and in take-home treat bags for each family member. It is a hit every year!

    Sue J
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  • I use The Toffee Store monthly for clients

    I order consistently on a monthly basis and I am 100% satisfied with the products and the service! They go above and beyond to do what you need and have even helped us on last minute orders. Our clients have gone as far as reaching out to find out how they can get more!

    I would highly recommend for business gifts and even for weddings or showers!

    Nadia Luchtman
  • Heidi provides us many items

    Heidi provides us with many items from the Toffee Store for our marketing events. We receive rave reviews on her products and her customer service is outstanding!

    Angela K.
  • I still remember the 1st time…

    I still vividly remember the first time I tried The Toffee Store’s delectable toffee…. It was more than 5 years ago when a vendor’ gave out small boxes of Heidi’s confections and I remember savoring every morsel. (I can finally … and shamefully …. admit I hid it from my family because it was too good to share!!) Within the last year I was lucky enough to meet Heidi in person, so now I share willingly and have given her toffee to many clients. Everyone agrees it is amazing! All her versions are great, but the cherry chocolate is simply heaven on your tongue! Get some and enjoy!!

    Carrie S
  • She put my logo on it

    I ordered the individual wrapped toffees for my ribbon cutting and had gift boxes made for other marketing uses.

    Not only is the toffee delicious, the presentation is professional and unique. In addition, the customer service is excellent. The Toffee Store is a great resource for B2B marketing.

    Leslie EB, Capstone Vision
  • If I could give MORE than 5 stars, I would!

    If I could give MORE than 5 stars, I would! The product is sensational! The customer service is top notch! The personalization for my business needs, is absolutely perfect! I cannot say enough, about how wonderful it is to work with Heidi; I will be a customer for life! Seriously, you cannot find better tasting toffee, and better customer service!!! Thank you!

    Cathy Rooney
  • Couldn’t ask for more.

    I met Heidi with the Toffee Store through a mutual friend. From the initial meeting, product presentation, and actual implementation of deliveries of her toffee, Heidi has met and exceeded my expectations. And every client that has thanked me for the toffee absolutely loves it! Couldn’t ask for more.

    David Griffin
  • What a GREAT product!!

    What a GREAT product!! – I own a Computer Services business and was looking for that perfect ‘Thank You’ gift to send out to my customers, partners, referrals, etc and finally found it with the Toffee Store. My initial batch of ‘Thank you’ Toffee gift boxes was so well received that I am planning on working this into my business process on a regular basis. All I had to do was email Heidi with a list of addresses and a gift dollar amount that I wanted to spend, and she handled everything. So happy! -Dan Schroeder

    Dan Schroeder
  • Heidi is fabulous to work with

    The Toffee Store is AMAZING!!!! Chief Financial ordered all of our Christmas gifts from The Toffee Store this year and everyone loved them. We were a huge hit and looked great! I’ve already passed her information on to several of the companies we sent gifts to! Heidi is fabulous to work with – she takes our ideas and turns them into wonderful baskets of delicious treats! Did I mention how amazing the toffee tastes!?!? It’s like a dream, I cannot wait to see what she creates for us next year! Thank you, thank you, thank you Heidi!

    Cheryl B.
  • Best Toffee on the planet!

    The best Toffee on the planet. Always creates a WOW with my clients.
    Thanks Heidi!

    donna degennaro
  • It is a great treat…

    We use the toffee to give to our brides who purchase wedding gowns. It is a great treat and a wonderful favor for weddings!

    Julie Nikolic
  • Our guests were delighted…

    Thanks so much for the wonderful packages of toffee we handed out in all our tote bags for our recent conference. Our guests were delighted by the wonderful toffee treat in their bags. The volunteers loved it also.

    I can’t thank you enough. The toffee really added to our event.

    Vicky Thompson
  • Event Favor

  • …wonderful attention to detail.

    The individually packaged favors you provided for our baby shower delighted every recipient. The toffee was incredible. I had one guest call to say “don’t bother worrying about figuring out what to get me for Xmas, I want ten pounds of that toffee!”

    Incomparable taste and texture in the toffee and a wonderful attention to detail. Thanks for providing a memorable gift for our guests.

    Suzanne O
  • Everyone loved it.

    Absolutely delicious. Thank you for working with me to make the perfect gifts for my garden party. Everyone loved it.

    Carol Corbin
  • 80 Beautiful Boxes

    Not only were Heidi’s 80 beautiful boxes of toffee just spectacular on the tables, they were a delectable hit at my Daughters bridal shower!!
    Thank you for the perfectly placed bows and all the deliciousness inside!
    So happy to be recommending The Toffee Store for all your personal and business event needs!
    Thank you, Heidi!
    (And, your cheerful delivery helper!!)😂

    Theresa Saigh
  • Needed toffee for an event.

    I needed toffee for an event. Everything was delivered on time and it was enjoyed by all !

    John Babcock
  • …arrived in plenty of time.

    I ordered toffee for an event and they arrived in plenty of time. The toffee smelled wonderful and the taste was just as good. The presentation of the toffee was pretty and very professional. I really appreciated the cards with my words of thanks on them . It gave me one less thing to do for this event. The recipients of the toffee thought it was fabulous. Thank you for working with me on this project and making the event special. Beth

    Beth Wilson
  • …very responsive to our requirements.

    Heidi prepared beautiful plastic gift boxes tied with a black bow of her delicious toffee that the Rochester Symphony Orchestra provided as appreciation gifts for season ticket holders. Each box was personalized with the ticket holder’s name for a special recognition. Heidi was very responsive to our requirements, and we appreciate her quick response in providing additional boxes at the last minute. She was a delight to work with, and I believe the season ticket holders will look forward to receiving this gift again next year.

    Theresa Meegan
  • They were a big hit.

    The toffee from The Toffee Store is amazing. I ordered little packages with customized cards attached with pink ribbons for bridal shower favors.

    They arrived on time and looked great on the tables. They were a big hit. Thanks so much!

    Laurie Puscas
  • Highly recommended!!

    The toffee for my wedding favors were delicious. All our guests raved about them and even our venue owner couldn’t stop talking about it! Heidi was very nice and doing business with her was very easy, she did a great job making the favors for us. Highly recommended!!

    Jessica Wills
  • Heidi is a real pro!

    I recently hosted 36 guests at a Year End Event for our golf league and used the gift boxes as a table gift for my guests. Outstanding response to an outstanding treat. The toffee was fabulous and the service superb. Heidi is a real pro!

    Larry Hice
  • …attention to detail was perfect.

    Heidi made up little boxes of toffee for table seating at my son’s wedding. Not only was it a beautiful set up but what a great treat to have while looking for your table!

    The toffee was fabulous, as usual and Heidi’s attention to detail was perfect. I don’t eat chocolate, which Heidi knows, and a smile came to my face when our table seating box had one piece the regular, fabulous way and the other piece with no chocolate!! Thanks for a great addition to the wedding.

    Ninfa Buscemi