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Toffee Reviews

Toffee is so tasty and

Toffee is so tasty and smooth! If you’ve had Enstroms….this is better😘

Mary Addabbo
Shelby Township, MI
December 14, 2018
Toffee Reviews

5 Star delicious… As a

5 Star delicious… As a morning treat, I was given a piece of Heidi Paterson’s toffee with nuts to try and shared it with my husband. Both of us loved it! The toffee had just the correct thickness and amount of crunch and yet melted in your mouth the way it is supposed to. In comparison to some products, others were too thick and hard to eat and sometimes were made just too sweet. I used to work at a candy factory many years ago and the buttered almond toffee days were always my favorite. If you have not yet tried any of these products, you are missing one of life’s pleasures. What a great idea for a gift for someone special. Thank you.

Jane Brewer
Macomb Township
December 12, 2018
Toffee Reviews

Let me say this…I have

Let me say this…I have been a long time friend of Enstom Toffee but “The Toffee Store” products are equal if not better! I’m a fan of Goirmet Holiday on QVC think you should push marketing in that direction! They are always looking for made in USA vendors!
Bravo good stuff!

Mary Addabbo
Shelby Township, MI
December 12, 2018
Toffee Reviews

I had the opportunity to

I had the opportunity to try some of the toffee today, a piece with chocolate on it. It was very tasty! I was able to take bites without breaking a tooth and the toffee melted in my mouth! I enjoyed the chocolate dipped part because if I’m going to take in extra calories, there must be chocolate with it! I like dark chocolate a little better and think that would be another option for your line of toffee!

Nancy F
Clinton Township, MI
December 12, 2018
Toffee Reviews



Greg O
Clinton Township, Michigan
December 12, 2018
Toffee Reviews

Business Gift Reviews

Heidi provides us many items

Heidi provides us with many items from the Toffee Store for our marketing events. We receive rave reviews on her products and her customer service is outstanding!

Angela K.
Rochester Hills MI
Business Gift Reviews

I use The Toffee Store monthly for clients.

I have been using the toffee store for a few months and I order consistently on a monthly basis and I am 100% satisfied with the products and the service! They go above and beyond to do what you need and even has helped us on last minute orders. Our clients have gone as far as reaching out to find out how they can get more! I would highly recommend for business gifts and even for weddings or showers!

Nadia Luchtman
Rochester, MI
Business Gift Reviews

I still remember the 1st time…

I still vividly remember the first time I tried The Toffee Store’s delectable toffee…. It was more than 5 years ago when a vendor’ gave out small boxes of Heidi’s confections and I remember savoring every morsel. (I can finally … and shamefully …. admit I hid it from my family because it was too good to share!!) Within the last year I was lucky enough to meet Heidi in person, so now I share willingly and have given her toffee to many clients. Everyone agrees it is amazing! All her versions are great, but the cherry chocolate is simply heaven on your tongue! Get some and enjoy!!

Carrie S
Business Gift Reviews

I ordered the Singles with my logo

I ordered the individual wrapped toffees for my ribbon cutting and had gift boxes made for other marketing uses. Not only is the toffee delicious, the presentation is professional and unique. In addition, the customer service is excellent. The Toffee Store is a great resource for B2B marketing.

Leslie EB, Capstone Vision
Auburn Hills
Business Gift Reviews

Best Toffee on the planet!

The best Toffee on the planet. Always creates a WOW with my clients.
Thanks Heidi!

donna degennaro
Business Gift Reviews

Wedding & Event Reviews

80 Beautiful Boxes

Not only were Heidi’s 80 beautiful boxes of toffee just spectacular on the tables, they were a delectable hit at my Daughters bridal shower!!
Thank you for the perfectly placed bows and all the deliciousness inside!
So happy to be recommending The Toffee Store for all your personal and business event needs!
Thank you, Heidi!
(And, your cheerful delivery helper!!)😂

Theresa Saigh
Rochester, Michigan
Wedding & Event Reviews

Needed toffee for an event.

I needed toffee for an event. Everything was delivered on time and it was enjoyed by all !

John Babcock
Wedding & Event Reviews

…wonderful attention to detail.

The individually packaged toffee you provided for our recent baby shower delighted every recipient.

The packaging was perfect but the toffee was incredible.  I had one recipient call to say ” don’t bother worrying about figuring out what to get me for Xmas, I want ten pounds of that toffee”.  Incomparable taste and texture in the toffee and a wonderful attention to detail.

Thanks for providing a memorable gift for our guests.

Suzanne O
Wedding & Event Reviews

Everyone loved it.

Absolutely delicious. Thank you for working with me to make the perfect gifts for my garden party. Everyone loved it.

Carol Corbin
Troy, MI
Wedding & Event Reviews

…very responsive to our requirements.

Heidi prepared beautiful plastic gift boxes tied with a black bow of her delicious toffee that the Rochester Symphony Orchestra provided as appreciation gifts for season ticket holders. Each box was personalized with the ticket holder’s name for a special recognition. Heidi was very responsive to our requirements, and we appreciate her quick response in providing additional boxes at the last minute. She was a delight to work with, and I believe the season ticket holders will look forward to receiving this gift again next year.

Theresa Meegan
Rochester Hills, MI
Wedding & Event Reviews

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