Baking Bits-Discounted Item!


Perfect for recipes! Pure butter, sugar, and vanilla combined with a little magic in bite-sized pieces. Use it to top off oatmeal, yogurt, or ice cream. Crush it up for baking (add it later in your recipe if you want the ‘crunch’).

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Butter ( cream & salt ), Sugar ( cane ), Vanilla Extract

Here’s a great idea! Since it is pure toffee bits, use it in recipes!
Chop it, crush it, you name it!
Use it as cake and cupcake toppers, cookie centers, and garnishing.
Add it to oatmeal, applesauce or yogurt.
Bake it in brownies, cookies, torte and cake toppings, cupcake toppers, pancakes, and crepes.

Hint: Crush it up for unlimited possibilities!

Hint: Remember to add it later in your recipes if you don’t want it to melt.

Nut allergy disclaimer:
We take nuts ( other than family members ) seriously. We do not claim to be “allergy” free but we do keep the pecans ( a tree nut ) entirely separate from the Toffee process.


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