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Where can I get it ?!?!

You can purchase the complete toffee product line at:

Bizzy Buzz Artisan Market

409 S. Main Street Rochester, MI 48307


Bizzy Buzz

Hours: M-F 10-2pm & 5-9pm  Sat. 10-9pm, Sun.11-5pm



Singles only at:

Fieldstone Winery & Hard Cider

223 S. Main Street Rochester, MI 48307


Fieldstone Winery

Hours: Mon. closed, Tues. 12-9pm, Wed.12-5pm, Thurs. 12-9pm, Fri-Sat. 12-11pm, Sun.12-5pm.



Singles and Petite Boxes at both:

Anderson’s Market

6545 Western Ave., Glen Arbor, MI 49636


Anderson’s Market

Hours: Mon-Sun. 8am-10pm


Alden Muffin Tin

9110 Helena Road, Alden, MI 49612


Alden Muffin Tin

Hours: Mon-Thurs. closed, Fri. – Sun. 8am-2pm.


Shop toffee here on the site


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